Tyne Castle Lodge 6317 Consecrated 1947


Tyne Castle Lodge 6317

The Master welcomes you all to our website and hopes you will find it of interest.

Whether you are an established Mason or are looking here with a view to becoming a member of the craft and this lodge in particular in this Freemasonry’s Tercentenary year we trust we can be of help.

Our members come from wide and varied backgrounds, we have among our ranks Welders, Musicians, Salesmen, Company Directors, Nurses, Professional Cricketers, Soldiers, Railway Engineers, Marine Engineers and more.

Meetings on the Fourth Tuesday of every month except July & December Tyne-Castle Lodge is located in Newcastle upon Tyne which is part of the province of Northumberland.

We are located in the North East of England and are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all visitors.

Maple Terrace, Rye Hill.
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 273 3047

Tyne Castle Lodge 6317

The colour of a Master Masons apron is blue, it is one of the most beautiful and durable in nature and characteristic of an institution which has stood the test of time.