Worshipful Brother Ian Brogden was Master of this lodge the first time in 2013 and 2014,
a two stint which was greatly appreciated by all the members of the lodge. He again occupied the chair in 2017 while the lodge was settling it’s self into a positive succession on the ladder of Master Masons, no dark blues for us boys. When Ian comes out of the chair in January 2018 he will take up the role he has made his own in recent years, that of Director of Ceremonies.

On the Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 5.30pm Ian will install Brother Raphael Verront Sylvere Massengo Nanitelamio the Senior Warden Master Elect of the lodge into the chair of King Solomon in accordance with ancient tradition.

Brother Raphael Verront Sylvere Massengo Nanitelamio joined the lodge in February 2013 and has made what can only be described as exemplary progress in Freemasonry to date, to the point where he has the complete confidence of the brethren to lead this lodge in 2018. Raphael is a well-known Mason and visits many lodges in and around Newcastle and is always willing to help out if needed.

Your Masonic year in 2018 will not be complete without at least one visit to Tyne castle Lodge No 6317 to see Worshipful Brother Raphael Massengo.