Fraternal Visits for 2018


The following Fraternal visits have been arranged for this year. It is important to the Lodge and to yourself that you make every effort to attend and support the Master and support your lodge. Others will be added soon keep watching.

  • February 12th Monday St Peters Lodge 481 Maple Terrace, Newcastle,                   2nd Degree
  • March 8th, Thursday, Delaval Lodge, Maple Terrace, Newcastle,                              not sure
  • April 12th Thursday Whitefriars Lodge 6523                                                               Talk by Malcolm Byrne
  • May 14th Monday Blackfriars Lodge No 7556                                                             Demo First Degree
  • May 18th Friday Lodge of Remembrance No 6319
  • June 25th Monday, St Raphael Lodge,                                                                        Provincial visit Team B 2nd Degree